July, 10, 2013 tei Solutions receives 2012 Joyo Bank Excellence Award

June 2013 - Tokyo, Japan - Joyo Bank, Ltd. announced tei Solutions has won an Excellence Award during the 2012 Joyo Business Awards. The aim of the Joyo Business Award is to create new industries and new businesses with the local people which will lead to the revitalization of the local economy through the creation of “innovative” and “creative” new business plans in high-growth fields.

tei Solutions was one of 261 business plans being evaluated during the award selection process. Of the 261 plans reviewed, 17 were recognized as either Grand Prize, Excellence Award, or Encouragement Award.

The Joyo Bank is a Japanese regional bank headquartered in Mito City, located in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Tracing its roots back to 1878, the Joyo Bank has over 145 branches, 3,512 employees and over $56 Billion in assets.

The Japanese version of the Joyo Bank 2012 Business Awards announcement can be found here - http://www.joyobank.co.jp/news/pdf/20130510_02.pdf