Privacy Policy

tei Solutions Inc. (henceforth "Our company.") have the confidential information on important high-tech information, an advanced, intellectual property, and individual information, etc. that are limited to those who consign it and disclosed. The value of management and the technical intelligence that these secret information is located to an extremely important property in our company, the value esteemed enough, and our company possesses is recognized enough, and strict management and thoroughness are executed.

Our company in addition to this esteems the value of individual information of those who consign it by the handling on the business, the customer, the person related to dealings, and the employee, etc. enough, and tries to establish and to persist in the strict system of management.

The protection of individual information policy is provided, and well-known and this are executed the director and the employee (The proceeding employee and the contract worker, etc. are included) as follows here.

【 observance of law and standard 】
1.Our company observes the law concerning protection of individual information and other standards.
【 decision of rule concerning protection of individual information and execution 】
2.The director and the employee are made to recognize the importance of protection of individual information, and our company appropriately uses, settles on the rule concerning the protection of individual information to protect it, executes, maintains this steadily, and improves individual information continuously.
【 of individual information acquisition, use, and offer 】
3. When using of the acquisition of individual information and acquired individual information and offering it, our company follows a prescribed rule and takes care of appropriately. Moreover, person in question’s right concerning individual information is esteemed, it follows a prescribed rule, and it corresponds appropriately when individual information is disclosed from the person in question, and the stop of the correction or the deletion or use or the offer etc. are requested.
【 execution of safety control of individual information 】
4. Our company follows a prescribed rule to secure accuracy and the safety of individual information, executes a limitation of the taking out means of an access control and individual information to individual information, safety management measures of the prevention of unlawful computer access from the outside etc. , and a necessary corrective action, and tries to prevent the loss of individual information, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc.