Consulting Service

tei Solutions supports your technology development based on the past experience and result. tei Solutions supports partnership establishment and overseas sales based on world-wide network.

  • Consulting Service
  • Research Report
  • Technology Transfer
  • Personnel Utilization
  • Partnership

Consulting Service

tei Solutions supports customers’ innovation and technology development, business model establishment and sales promotion through partnerships and a global sales network.

Technology Trend Research, Marketing Research

tei Solutions performs detailed research utilizing a unique methodology and delivers reports upon customer requests. These reports are ideal to help minimize risk with new technology or market investments.

Technology Transfer

tei Solutions offers customers multiple technology transfer opportunities for rapid technology development. Customers can purchase/license tei Solutions IP or modules for internal development purposes. Customers can also utilize tei Solutions’ engineers to transfer technology from the Super Clean Room Facility to high volume manufacturing facilities and foundries.

Personnel Utilization

Customers can directly utilize tei Solutions' global network of engineers and experts when developing new technologies. With a worldwide team featuring decades of technical experience, tei Solutions offers unparalleled guidance during all stages of innovation.

Global Partnership Network

Customers can utilize tei Solutions' Global Partnership Network to build supply chains or transfer to high volume manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience, tei Solutions has the connections and relationships necessary for customers who require further support. From material and tool suppliers, to Integrated Device Manufacturers and Foundries, tei Solutions has the right connection.