Innovating new, emerging technologies requires the essential tools and expertise to bring products to market. tei Solutions provides cost-effective, fully-protected IP services that saves R&D time and allows innovators a competitive edge.

Technology Development

Developers seeking innovative new technologies can utilize tei Solutions’ Technology Development Service.

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Test Wafer Service

tei Solutions offers 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm blanket and pattern wafers for material and tool evaluation.

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Analytical Characterization

tei Solutions offers several analytical characterization services in microscopy, spectroscopy and failure analysis.

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Consulting Service

tei Solutions supports customers' innovation and technology development, business model establishment and sales promotion through partnerships and a global sales network.

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tei Solutions offers service which supports technology developments to companies or developers who is seeking new technology and new product development. tei Solutions can be utilized for semiconductor technology, nano technology, bio technology, clean energy by private developer or major corporation.