Technology Development

Developers seeking to innovate new technologies can utilize tei Solutions’ Technology Development service. Customers can pursue two programs: Custom Innovation and Open Innovation. Both programs provide the customer with the flexibility to develop technology while protecting IP.

Custom Innovation

Customers can request a custom R&D project that utilizes tei Solutions’ Super Clean Room Facility and Engineers. Onsite office space can be provided if available.

Customers can pursue:
  • Novel Transistors
  • Novel Memory
  • Photovoltaics
Open Innovation (Spring 2011)

Customers can participate in one of tei Solutions’ open R&D efforts. tei Solutions’ engineers work on a variety of internal R&D projects throughout the year. Customers have the ability to join any individual project to obtain learnings and process know-how. The Open Innovation program is scheduled to begin in 2011.

Nano-Gap Electrode (example)

Nano-Gap Electrode (example)
Au/Cr Electrode (gap size = 10nm)

Nano-Probe Measurement (example)

Nano-Probe Measurement (example)

Micro Fluid (example)

Micro Fluid (example)

Si pillar (example)
  • X-SEM
  • Si pillar
    Pitch = 140nm
    Diameter = φ70±5nm
    Depth = 500nm

Standard Theme Innovation

tei Solutions selects theme of technology development for project. Customers take part in project and share information.